Commonwealth Attorney

The Commonwealth's Attorney's main job is to prosecute criminal cases in each of the three court's in Greene County's system. The Commonwealth Attorney, a constitutional law enforcement official, is an elected official, serving a four year term.

The Office of the Commonweath Attorney provides law and criminal justice information to the public with specific concern for offering assistance to victims of crime. The Commonwealth's Attorney also consults with members of the Sheriff's Office concerning the enforcement of criminal laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I receive a subpoena?

    First, you should read the subpoena carefully. A subpoena is an order to attend court at a specific date and time. The name and address of the court are shown on the subpoena as well as the date and time. Usually, you are required to come to court to testify in a case. Sometimes,subpoenas require you to bring documents to court.

    Usually, the name and phone number of the party requesting the subpoena are on it. You may wish to contact the attorney for the party to see what questions you may be asked. If the Commonwealth's Attorney issues the subpoena, our office number is printed. Please feel free to call us about the subpoena.

    If you need any accommodations during your time in court, you should contact the Victim Witness Director at 985-2222.

  • How do I report a crime in Greene County?

    Contact the Sheriff's Department directly at 434-985-2222. You can visit the Greene County Sheriff's website for more information.
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Ronald L. Morris
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Fax: 434-985-1442

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Greene County VirginiaGreene County is a county in central Virginia in the eastern United States. Greene County was established in 1838. Its county seat is Stanardsville.

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