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The Ruckersville Area Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors on June 12, 2018.  This plan is a ten-year to-do list for Greene County officials and the Ruckersville community, including residents and businesses. As such, this living document will be regularly reviewed and updated as items are completed. The Ruckersville Advisory Committee is comprised of county officials, community leaders, and business stakeholders.   This group will be responsible for ensuring accountability by tracking progress on recommendations and following up with responsible parties. 

Development of the Ruckersville Area Plan is just the beginning to the overall effort.  For this planning process to have value, the County and Ruckersville Community must be committed to a long-term and sustained process that includes public and private stakeholders.

Ruckersville Advisory Committee 

The Ruckersville Advisory Committee, which consists of 15 community and staff members, will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Greene County Visitor Center, 9157 Seminole Trail, Ruckersville, VA from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. 

Greene County Zoning Audit and Webinars

Greene County is seeking public input regarding updating the zoning ordinance

Zoning Audit – Zoning Revisions

A need to revise the Greene County Zoning Ordinance has been identified by local citizens during the public meetings and workshops held during the Greene County Comprehensive Plan and the Ruckersville Area Plan.  

“Create a sense of place in Ruckersville through citizen-driven community planning that includes improvement of transportation, utility, and land use tools. Ruckersville will support diverse employment and housing opportunities that allow people to live, work and shop in Ruckersville while attracting others’ participation in the local economy”

Staff has created a series of three short webinars to explain current conditions, the community goals and potential ways to revise the zoning regulations to support the goals.  The main purpose of each webinar is to create dialog and receive feedback and input.  Please take a moment to review and provide comments.

Collecting this data is the first step and will help us create the foundation for revising the zoning ordinance in a local, community driven plan for Greene.


Greene County Zoning Audit Stakeholders Series 1: History and Scope of Project June 2020

Please click on the links below to watch each one individually.

Greene County Zoning Audit Stakeholders Series 2: Existing Conditions and Community Vision June 2020

Greene County Zoning Audit Stakeholders Series 3: Creating Regulations July 2020

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