Medical Assistance

The Medical Assistance Programs - Medicaid, FAMIS Plus, and FAMIS (Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan)

Medical and the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan (FAMIS) are Medical Assistance programs that make direct payments to health care service providers for eligible individuals and families who are unable to pay for needed medical services. Medicaid for children is called FAMIS Plus.

Medicaid/FAMIS Plus and FAMIS have different income limits and nonfinancial requirements. When someone applies for Medical Assistance, the eligibility worker will determine if the person is eligible for either program. Medicaid and FAMIS pay for a variety of medical services, including prescription drugs, doctor visits, nursing facility care and hospital care.


To be eligible for Medicaid, a person must have income and resources (assets) within specified limits and must be in one of the groups covered by Medicaid. Virginia Medicaid offers several low-cost and no-cost health coverage programs for eligible children, pregnant women and adults, including individuals with disabilities.

Information about Medicaid/FAMIS Plus is available online from the Virginia Department of Social Services at,, and from the Department of Medical Assistance Services at

Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan (FAMIS)

FAMIS, and its program for pregnant women, FAMIS MOMS, covers uninsured children under age 19 years and pregnant women, with income that is too high for FAMIS Plus/Medicaid but is under the income limit for FAMIS/FAMIS MOMS.

For more information about FAMIS, please contact the local department of social services or call 1-866-87FAMIS. Information about FAMIS is also available online at

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