Commissioner of Revenue

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The Commissioner of the Revenue is a state constitutional officer as set forth in the Constitution of Virginia and is the chief assessing officer of the local government. It is an elected position for a four-year term. The Commissioner is responsible for maintaining real estate ownership records and administering the Land Use Program and Tax Relief for the Elderly/Disabled Program, assessing all personal property and the qualifying of vehicles entitled to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act, and overseeing the filing process of the Virginia State income tax of Greene County residents.

The mission of the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue is to serve citizens of Greene County by:

  • Fairly and equitably identifying and assessing all sources of revenue to which the County is entitled according to the laws of the State of Virginia and the County of Greene.
  • Providing taxpayers with accurate and useful information concerning revenue assessments.
  • Assisting taxpayers in the participation of tax reductions programs.
  • Providing accurate and useful information from which County officials can make decisions in the best interest of the citizens of Greene County.
  • Offering friendly, fair and efficient service to our citizens and striving to improve our procedures to best benefit taxpayers.

The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office is regulated by the State Code of Virginia and is responsible for upholding the Constitution of the laws of Virginia. Kimberly Tate is the Commissioner of Revenue for the County of Greene.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who assesses my real estate?

    Greene County currently utilizes an outside contractor for all real estate assessments.
  • Do I owe personal property tax for property I've sold?

    Tax is assessed on personal property owned on January 1st of the tax year. Greene County is NOT a prorating locality. If the property was owned on January 1st of the text year, then tax is due for the entire year. Conversely, you are not taxed on personal property that you purchased during the tax year.
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