Board of Supervisors - Agenda for August 23, 2022 Meeting


We will hold the August 23, 2022 Board of Supervisors meeting in-person in the County Administration Building Meeting Room and virtually using Zoom.

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The meeting may be viewed at the following link: 

Your comments for matters from the public and for public hearings are welcome by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All emails received will be shared with the Board and kept in the permanent file.
To attend the meeting by telephone, please dial the number below and follow the instructions when prompted. To comment during matters from the public or for a specific public hearing, follow the instructions below to “raise your hand”. Your connection will be unmuted and you will be able to make your comment. Please clearly state your name for the record.
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The Board of Supervisors will open the meeting at 5:30 p.m. vote to enter into Closed Meeting.
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Meeting ID: 832 6465 3028
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The open meeting of the Board of Supervisors will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Dial-in number: US Toll-free 1-888-475-4499
Or: US Toll-free 1-877-853-5257

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We will be using Zoom Video Meeting to share presentations with the public.
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Greene County Board of Supervisors
County Meeting Room – Administration Building
Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – 5:30 p.m.

1. 5:30 p.m. - Call to order

Matters pursuant to Section 2.2-3711 (a, 1-7) of the Code of Virginia

3. 6:30 p.m. - OPEN MEETING

4. Reconvene, certify closed meeting and take action from closed meeting

5. Pledge of Allegiance; moment of silence

6. Adoption of agenda

7. Matters from the public

8. Consent agenda:
a. Minutes of previous meeting
b. Resolution to accept and appropriate $6,000.00 for the Greene County Parks & Recreation on the Go grant
c. Resolution to accept and appropriate $45,000.00 for the Virginia Domestic Violence Victim Fund Grant
d. Resolution to accept and appropriate $1,228.00 for the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant
e. Approve the resolution authorizing the transfer of $82,155.00 from the contingency fund for various departments for FY2022
f. Resolution to appropriate $9,831.00 for additional expenditures for FY2022
g. Resolution to appropriate $691,219.00 for additional expenditures for FY2022
h. Resolution to accept and appropriate $75,000.00 carryover programs
i. Resolution to accept and appropriate $645,896.99 for the National School Lunch Program for FY2022
j. Resolution to accept and appropriate $456,338.45 for the National School Breakfast Program for FY2022
k. Resolution to accept and appropriate $3,063.00 for the School Nutrition Electronic Benefit Card Program for FY2022
l. Resolution to accept and appropriate $12,061.68 for Child Nutrition Emergency Operational Costs for FY2022
m. Resolution to accept and appropriate $49,133.57 for Supply Chain Assistance funds for School Nutrition Program for FY2022
n. Resolution to accept and appropriate $51,272.66 for the Summer Food Service Program for FY2022

9. Action items:
a. Public hearing to consider a request from David and Kumud Vanderveer/William D. Hurr for a Special Use Permit with conditions for tourist lodging (Article 3-1-2.1), located at 215 Mulberry Drive, Stanardsville. This will be the second tourist-lodging dwelling on this parcel, TMP#48-(2)-67, and is on approximately 2.84 acres, zoned A-1, Agriculture. –Jim Frydl, Director of Planning and Zoning
b. Public hearing to consider a request from Bruce Shifflett for an amendment to the current Special Use Permit with conditions that included density, outdoor recreation, and accessory uses (SUP10-002 with conditions). The amended SUP for tourist lodging (Article 3-1-2.1) with conditions includes the addition of a pool, 12 additional cabins, four tiny houses, one additional pavilion, a vegetive buffer, and noise restrictions. The property is located at 426 Mountain Laurel Pass and identified as TMP#18-(A)-11 on approximately 122.8 acres zoned C-1, Conservation. —Jim Frydl, Director of Planning and Zoning.

10. Presentations:
a. Revised Tourism Council Bylaws—Alan Yost
b. Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Rate—Kelley Kemp

11. Items presented for first review (tentative action date in parentheses): NONE

12. Informational items, updates, and reports:
a. Board liaison reports
b. County Administrator update
c. Monthly Reports

13. Other items from the Board

14. Old Business
a. Tourism Bylaws
b. Business License Tax
c. Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled
d. Tax Relief for Veterans
e. Habitat for Humanity assistance
f. Transient Occupancy Tax rates
g. Review Personal Property Tax
h. Tourist Lodging Registry

15. Adjourn

Volunteer Opportunities - Vacancies on Various Boards and Commissions


The Greene County Board of Supervisors is seeking individuals interested in improving the quality of life in Greene County to participate as a member of a County board, commission, or committee.  Vacancies are advertised at various times throughout the year, and opportunities are available now to serve on various citizen member organizations.

 Current Opportunities

Piedmont Workforce Development Board 

JABA Advisory Council

Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals – Alternate

Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership

Community Criminal Justice Board  

Children's Services Act, Community Policy Management Team parent representative

Children's Services Act, Family Assessment and Planning Team, parent representative

Region Ten Community Services Board

Equalization Board 

Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission

The Board of Supervisors invites citizens interested in making a difference through public service to submit an appointment profile which can be found online at under helpful documents.  Completed forms should be submitted to the County Administrator’s Office. Open until filled.  pdf Please go here to see additional information on vacancies (14 KB) . Call (434)985-5201 with any questions.

Strategic Plan

Greene County Vision Statement

Greene County is an inclusive community where citizens and businesses benefit from a diversified economy, quality public services and a superior quality of life.

Greene County Board of Supervisors Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Greene County Board of Supervisors to provide citizens, businesses and visitors with public services and programs in a fiscally prudent and responsible manner while preserving the county's rural character and natural beauty.

Greene County Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Stewardship

Greene County Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiative: Promote Community and Economic Well-Being

Strategic Initiative: Practice Good Governance

Strategic Initiative: Strengthen Community Engagement

Strategic Initiative: Fund the Future


Capitalize on Greene County's assets, location and heritage to diversify, grow and strengthen the community and economic well-being of citizens and businesses.


  1. Support local businesses and entrepreneurs by establishing a focused business appreciation and expansion program.
  2. Expand wireless technology (broadband) throughout the county.
  3. Sponsor a business futures forum to identify the mix of business and commercial enterprises Greene County needs to attract and develop to grow and diversify the county's economic base.
  4. Streamline requirements associated with starting a business in Greene County.
  5. Craft a tourism development strategy and possible overlay district for Greene County.
  6. Revise the county's zoning ordinance to promote/encourage greater business and economic development in Ruckersville and Stanardsville.
  7. Consider drafting and adding a technology/innovation district to the county's zoning ordinance.
  8. Craft an infrastructure policy that will support business, commercial and residential in targeted areas along Route 33 and Route 29.


Perform government functions and defined duties efficiently and effectively while being accountable to the citizens of Greene County.


  1. Develop a revenue accountability agreement wherein all agencies, departments and service providers who receive county funding are to provide the Greene County BoS with a year-end accounting report documenting how the funds were spent and the impact the spending generated in the county.
  2. Develop fact sheets for major policy issues and community projects and share them with the public and media.
  3. Develop an annual county report inclusive of a citizen's guide to county government and share it with county residents and county businesses.
  4. Conduct an efficiency/effectiveness audit of all county sponsored programs and services with particular focus on program need and costs.
  5. Develop and adopt a fiscal policy protocol for Greene County.


Promote a positive and interactive relationship with county citizens and stakeholders that will result in a greater understanding of and connection with county government and the community.


  1. Encourage greater citizen involvement in county government by holding open town halls throughout the county; by sponsoring periodic surveys to garner public input and opinion on key issues; and, by sponsoring educational initiatives such as a citizen's local government academy and/or a citizen's community planning academy.
  2. Sponsor a community forum to gain citizen input and perspective regarding annualized county spending and service delivery practices.
  3. Place the adopted Greene County vision, mission and strategic initiatives statement on the county's website and appropriate county letterhead.
  4. Host an annual dinner to recognize and thank all persons who serve on BoS appointed Greene County boards and commissions.
  5. Develop a Greene County local government satisfaction survey that will allow county citizens the opportunity to assess the quality and value of county sponsored services and programs on an annual basis.


Commit to fulfill our current and future obligations by identifying and managing the county's revenue options, resources and opportunities.


  1. Develop a five-year revenue and expenditure forecast focused on services and programs sponsored by Greene County inclusive of personnel costs, support costs and capital costs.
  2. Add a capital maintenance component to the Greene County Capital Improvements Program (CIP) inclusive of life cycle costs.
  3. Develop a blueprint and multi-year financial plan for constructing and maintaining a new water impoundment in Greene County.
  4. Develop, in partnership with the School Board, a multi-year capital improvement strategy that will finance the multiple upgrades and improvements that are needed in Greene County's public schools.
  5. Develop in partnership with county administration an employee staffing plan (full-time and part-time) that will meet the county's current as well as future fiscal and service priorities.
  6. Conduct an existing office space study to determine the optimum physical space county employees need to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

County of Greene

Greene County VirginiaGreene County is a county in central Virginia in the eastern United States. Greene County was established in 1838. Its county seat is Stanardsville.

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